Mission & Vision

"To inspire, uplift and empower you, to adjust the frequency and tune into you."

- Imani Clough


Imani Academy

Imani Clough

...is a Character Educator, Facilitator and Mentor. Founder and Director of Imani Academy, specialising in character, philosophy and personal development. Imani designs educational resources and curriculums, facilitates conversations, teaches courses, hosts experiences, retreats, and delivers one-on-one mentoring support. Her work is underpinned by her undergraduate degree in Youth Justice and substantive experience working with young people and adults. Imani has furthered her experience and has completed a Masters degree in Character Education and is a Youth Mental Health First Aider.


One-One/Group Mentoring

Being Human Experience

Freelance Facilitation/Training 

Action Learning sets and Developmental learning journeys 


Character Education Consultancy 

Curriculum design & Research